What are the commonly used plastic parts in the automotive industry?


Common automotive plastic parts include: instrument pan […]

Common automotive plastic parts include: instrument panel body frame, battery bracket, front-end module, control box, seat support frame, spare tire seat, mudguard, chassis cover, sound insulation board, rear door frame, etc., most of the automotive plastic parts The panel adopts engineering plastic ABS or ABS/PC.
Automobile industry
Generally speaking, doors, dashboards, bumpers and gear panels are made of polypropylene. The engine cover is made of lead and polypropylene. PC/ABS is usually purchased from material manufacturers. The plastic parts are light in weight, come in a variety of colors, are beautiful, have a good weight loss effect, and can also reduce the weight of the car body. Can be recycled multiple times.
In automobile recycling, most of the metal products are too old, rusted and other reasons have no recycling value. Since plastic products can be melted and recycled, and can be processed twice after melting without causing any harm, automotive plastic parts are becoming more and more popular.