What are the automotive injection molded parts?


1. Bumper shell It is also called a "bumper", but in fa […]

1. Bumper shell
It is also called a "bumper", but in fact it is only an auxiliary shell outside the bumper, not the body of the bumper. The bumper shell plays the role of buffering and energy absorption. The working environment is relatively complicated and the volume is large. Therefore, it is generally made of polypropylene (PP) because of its lighter weight and better corrosion resistance.
2. Dashboard
Except for wood and leather, the dashboard of a car is basically plastic, but there will be differences in soft and hard. The soft one is foam-molded polyurethane (PU), which is lighter in weight, relatively safe and sound-absorbing; while the hard one is injection-molded polypropylene (PP), which is relatively inexpensive. Therefore, the interiors of relatively high-end models generally choose soft polyurethane.
3. Air intake grille
Nowadays, the air intake grilles of many models are decorated with chrome, which has a strong personal touch of metal, but in fact, they are also plastic. The main function of the air intake grille is to cool the engine and comb the airflow in the front of the car. Therefore, the plasticity requirements of the material are very good, and plastic is a well-deserved choice.
4. Car lamp shade
For car lamp shades, the requirement is to be able to ensure long-term use without affecting the brightness of the car lights, and to protect the car lights, which requires the use of plastics to have good plasticity, good transparency, and high enough hardness. Therefore, optical plastics with good performance such as polycarbonate acid (PC) are the best choice for making car lamp shades because of their high strength, UV resistance, toughness and light transmittance.
5. Seat padding
The major requirement of car seat Z is comfort, because it is in contact with the user's body. The filler in the car seat is foamed polyurethane (PU), which has relatively good thermal insulation, cushioning, sound absorption, and moldability, which plays a very important role in the comfort of the seat.