The role and classification of plastic additives


In addition to synthetic resin, some plastic parts also […]

In addition to synthetic resin, some plastic parts also contain other auxiliary materials, such as plasticizers, stabilizers, colorants, various fillers, etc., which are called multi-component plastics.
  The role of plastic additives in plastics:  
Plastic additives The main purpose of adding additives to plastics is to improve processing performance, increase use efficiency and reduce costs. Additives occupies a small proportion in plastic materials, but they have a great impact on the quality of plastic products. Different types of plastics require different types and amounts of additives due to different molding processing methods and use conditions.
   Classification of plastic additives:
   Plasticizers can increase the flexibility, extensibility, and plasticity of plastics, reduce the flow temperature and hardness of plastics, and are beneficial to the molding of plastic products. Commonly used are phthalic acid esters, sebacic acid esters, chlorinated paraffin and camphor. Our most common is camphor.