Stable basis for the operation of clutch plates of automobile plastic parts


Cars have many uses in our lives. Their use has brought […]

Cars have many uses in our lives. Their use has brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Here, we will introduce some small secrets about automobile clutch plates to help you. Get to know him better.
Computer control regulator The computer control regulator is a new type of regulator currently used in cars. After the total load of the system is measured by the electric load detector, it sends a signal to the generator computer, and then the engine computer controls the generator voltage regulator. Turning on and off the magnetic field circuit can reliably ensure the normal operation of the electrical system and fully charge the battery. At this time, the friction between the pressure plate and the friction plate is the largest, and the relative static friction between the input shaft and the output shaft is maintained. The speed is the same. When the vehicle starts, the driver steps on the clutch, and the movement of the clutch pedal pulls the pressure plate back, that is, the pressure plate is separated from the friction plate. At this time, the pressure plate and the flywheel are completely out of contact, and there is no relative friction.