Manufacturing method of injection molding production process for automobile injection molded parts


Nowadays, the injection molding process is developing i […]

Nowadays, the injection molding process is developing in the direction of shortening the injection cycle and improving production efficiency. Generally, in order to improve the production efficiency, the plasticizing capacity, shortening the injection time, and speeding up the movement speed of the template are used in the injection mold injection process. With regard to the improvement of the injection method of the injection mold, the improvement of the clamping method, and the change of the cooling efficiency method, the purpose is to save time, shorten the production cycle, and increase the output. With the gradual growth of the economy, the use of automobiles has become more and more popular, and the consumption of injection molded parts has increased. The production process of automobile injection molded parts needs to save time and increase output, that is, increase production efficiency.
Technical realization elements:
The purpose of the present invention is to provide an injection molding production process for automobile injection molded parts that improves production efficiency, reduces production costs, and improves quality, so as to solve the problems raised in the background art.
In order to achieve the above objectives, the present invention provides the following technical solutions:
The injection molding production process of automobile injection parts includes the following steps:
1) Raw material selection and pretreatment: select polypropylene and polyethylene as raw materials for automobile injection molded parts, and use an oven to dry the polypropylene and polyethylene at a drying temperature of 70-95°C. Then, preheat and preheat the mold of the automobile injection molded part. The heating temperature is 160-220℃, and the time is 10-30min;
2) Injection stage: The molten polypropylene is injected into the preheated mold through a nozzle. The injection stage is divided into two small stages. The main runner is the first stage, and the branch from the runner to the gate is the second stage. In the first stage, the injection pressure is 40-85kg/cm2, and the second stage injection pressure is 85-110kg/cm2;
3) Hold pressure after the mold is closed: In the process of holding pressure, the nozzle of the injection molding machine continuously feeds the cavity, continues to apply pressure, compacts the melt, and the plastic part is gradually formed. The pressure holding stage continues until the gate is solidified and sealed. The pressure in the compression stage is 80-90% of the maximum filling pressure, the holding pressure is 50-70kg/cm3, and the holding pressure time is 20-50min;
4) Use circulating water to cool, and perform surface treatment after demolding to obtain automobile injection molded parts. The surface treatment process is to spray ozone on the surface of the product, the concentration of ozone is 15-170pphm, and the duration of ozone spraying is 5-15min.