Is the bumper changing from metal to plastic because of cutting corners? (2)


Metal changes to plastic, lower body cost Then, for the […]

Metal changes to plastic, lower body cost
Then, for the plastic used, it is obvious that the price of the car can be lowered, and the cost can be reduced. This is what we complained about at the beginning. We felt that we bought fewer things for the same money, right.
It is also a protection for pedestrians outside the car
The replacement of the bumper with plastic has another function that not only protects the occupants in the car, but also protects the pedestrians outside the car.
This is the example of the iron hammer I just used. Just now, I used this iron hammer to hit the impact resistance mechanism in our car. Now it is the person who uses this iron hammer to hit the road.
You hit it, then knock it with an iron hammer, and knock it to death, knock it with a plastic hammer, maybe there is still a chance. This is considered an additional benefit.
Metal to plastic, low maintenance cost
The metal is scraped off immediately, and the plastic is scraped off.
The use of plastic bumpers instead of metal bumpers is the biggest and greatest significance in our daily use, which is the low maintenance cost. How do you say this?
Metal objects will rust in a humid environment, but plastics will not rust. We scrape off some paint today. If you are metal, you must repair it. Either paint it again or put on a waterproof sticker, but the plastic is scratched off. As long as I don’t find it ugly, it doesn’t matter if I keep it on.
Plastic is also cheaper than metal
In addition, my bumper crashed and I need to replace it. Obviously, the plastic one is much cheaper than our steel one. The bumper itself is also heavy. Although it can be ignored, it is still possible Let us spend less on gas.
The bumper is changed from metal to plastic. In general, it is beneficial to our car owners and car manufacturers. The price is cheaper, more durable, easier to repair, and safer than before.

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