• Bumper lightweight design (2)

    Bumper lightweight design (2)

    Lightweight materials 1. Aluminum The density of aluminum is only 1/3 of that of steel, and it is a material frequently used in automobile bumpers designed to reduce weight. The front bumper of the Audi 100C3 sedan is composed of an outer plate made of plastic and a beam made of aluminum alloy. The ... read more

    Jan 09,2021 News
  • Bumper lightweight design (1)

    Bumper lightweight design (1)

    There are two major approaches to lightweight design 1. Change the structure of auto parts to achieve the purpose of lightweight design. Through the improvement of the structure, the parts are thinned, hollowed, miniaturized and compounded, and then lightened. 2. Use lightweight materials, through t... read more

    Dec 31,2020 News
  • Bumper with airbag

    Bumper with airbag

    At present, foreign countries are developing a car bumper with airbag. In order to reduce this kind of accident to a minimum, the bumper not only plays the role of decorating and beautifying the car, but more importantly, it plays a role of safety protection. It is a passive safety device that prote... read more

    Dec 18,2020 News
  • Is the bumper changing from metal to plastic because of cutting corners? (2)

    Is the bumper changing from metal to plastic because of cutting corners? (2)

    Metal changes to plastic, lower body cost Then, for the plastic used, it is obvious that the price of the car can be lowered, and the cost can be reduced. This is what we complained about at the beginning. We felt that we bought fewer things for the same money, right. It is also a protection for pe... read more

    Dec 12,2020 News
  • Car bumper function

    Car bumper function

    The bumper has the functions of safety protection, decoration of the vehicle and improvement of the aerodynamic characteristics of the vehicle. From a safety point of view, the car can play a buffering role when a low-speed collision accident occurs, protecting the front and rear car bodies; it can ... read more

    Nov 28,2020 News