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Classification of automotive plastic parts

Summary:What are the classifications of automotive plastic parts? Here is a brief introd...

What are the classifications of automotive plastic parts? Here is a brief introduction to various types of automotive plastic parts.
  1, exterior parts
  Exterior parts are a large classification of automotive plastic parts. Because plastics have good chemical stability and strong plasticity, all kinds of exterior parts can play a better protective role. These include the front and rear bumpers and their linings, the side skirts of the body, anti-scratch strips, wheel covers, wheel cover trims, door sills, radiator grilles, license plates, etc. These are the more common automotive exterior parts that can be made of plastic materials.
  2, interior parts
It is commonplace for interior parts to use various automotive plastic parts, including vehicle dashboard components and sub-instrument panels, front, middle and rear pillars, door panels, seat parts, and various trim parts of the luggage compartment, etc. . The interior parts made of plastic are the most familiar to everyone, and the beautiful process is also in line with the current aesthetics.
  3, functional parts
  Automotive plastic parts are also used in various functional parts, which may not be understood by many people. In fact, the use of plastic parts can not only increase its stability, but also provide greater safety protection for drivers and passengers. Among them, there are mainly engine front-end components, engine hoods, intake manifolds, air-conditioning components, containers, and fuel systems.