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How to properly deal with bacteria in the car

Summary:Many people may think that in a car, closing the doors and windows is a confined...

Many people may think that in a car, closing the doors and windows is a confined space and spraying some perfume on it. From then on, the car is clean and warm. After research by foreign scientists, this idea is actually quite wrong. It is precisely because the car is a closed space, bacteria grow faster than in a ventilated space, and the pollution is far more serious than the outside world. This is not something that some perfume or some deodorant sprays can solve.
Correct use of the internal circulation system can not only effectively inhibit the generation of bacteria in the air conditioning pipe, but also prolong the service life of the air conditioner and save fuel consumption. In rainy days, car owners can use the internal circulation system to make the air-conditioning filter less prone to mold, thereby reducing the generation of bacteria in the air-conditioning ducts.
When using the car air conditioner in normal times, the air conditioner should be turned off 5 minutes before the car is turned off and converted to internal circulation. This can prevent air-conditioning water from being adsorbed on the wall of the air-conditioning pipe, which can effectively eliminate the air-conditioning odor, and at the same time can extend the service life of the air-conditioner and save fuel consumption. As there is residual cold air in the air-conditioning ducts, the air blown out is still cold, so friends who are afraid of heat don't have to worry about it.
With the advent of summer, the temperature gradually rises, and the leather, plastic and other decorative objects in the car are also prone to emit some peculiar smells. Especially after a spring and winter use, the inside of the car is more likely to "hide dirt". Because the inside of the car is often sealed, and the air circulation outside the car is limited, dust particles are easy to adhere to the gaps and pores of the leather seats and accessories. . In this regard, it is recommended that you make a sauna for the car before the summer to clean the interior of the car, and it can also sterilize and remove the peculiar smell in the car.
When driving in the summer, the doors and windows are closed because the air conditioner is turned on. Therefore, many car owners believe that when the doors and windows are closed, there will be no dust in the car and there is no need to clean it. Actually not. As long as the vehicle is moving, there will be dust. Therefore, the cleaning of car interiors must not be sloppy. You can wipe the interior of the car with a wet cloth every day, especially the dashboard, steering wheel, door and other places. Or, at least go to a professional car wash to wash the car every week to keep the car clean inside and out.