How to prevent mold on electroplated parts of automobile plastic parts


The high temperature and humidity in the south in summe […]

The high temperature and humidity in the south in summer is the time for the activities of mold and rotting microorganisms. The raw materials, water, personnel, dust, etc. entering the electroplating workshop may bring moldy microorganisms and their spores. As long as the moldy microorganisms have enough moisture (humidity), even other nutrients such as nitrogen compounds, carbon compounds, minerals and vitamins It can grow when there is very little substance; even if there is no external nutrients at all, as long as the humidity, temperature, PH value and other conditions are suitable, mold spores can grow to a certain extent with the nutrients stored by themselves. From the above process, it can be seen that the electroless nickel plating tank, the washing tank after electroless nickel plating, the washing tank after bright chromium plating, the under-dried products, the gloves of inspection and packaging workers, packaging and storage supplies, etc. are all mildew microorganisms for effective Attach important places and stages. Once mold-rot microorganisms or their spores exist and survive in these places, mold spots will appear on the electroplated parts.
Prevention method:
1. Pay attention to the ventilation, dust removal and sterilization of workshops and warehouses, and minimize or eliminate the source of mildew and rot microorganisms.
2. Keep the raw materials clean and hygienic. For example, the sodium citrate solution for electroless nickel plating should be heated to about 80°C for sterilization treatment before adding.
3. The water used should be sterilized. The ion exchange resin in the water purification device should be sterilized and cleaned with formaldehyde or ethanol on a regular basis; after chemical nickel plating, an appropriate amount of formaldehyde should be added to the washing tank every day for sterilization, and ethanol should be used when wiping the tank every shift; the water after bright chrome plating must be washed with ultraviolet light Sterilization by lamp irradiation.
4. The temperature and time for drying the electroplated parts must be sufficient, and it is forbidden that there is water on the workpiece after baking.
5. White gauze gloves used by inspection and packaging workers must be dry and clean, and plastic film gloves should be worn inside.
6. Packing supplies should be clean and dry, and desiccant and anti-mold agent can be put in the packing box.
7. The electroplated parts should not be placed in a high temperature and high humidity workshop for too long, and should be moved into the warehouse quickly after packaging.