Classification of automotive plastic parts


Automotive plastic parts are divided into interior part […]

Automotive plastic parts are divided into interior parts, exterior parts, and parts around the engine.
1. The exterior parts of automobile plastic parts usually include:
Anti-scratch strips, door sills, license plate, wheel cover decoration, radiator grille, wheel cover, bumper: front and rear, inner lining, body side skirts.
Requirements for exterior materials:
Safety, weather resistance, toughness, high and low temperature cycle, decoration.
2. The main interior parts of auto plastic parts include:
1. Columns: front, back, upper middle, lower middle;
2. Dashboard: main body, skin, glove box, accessories;
3. Seat parts: guards, knobs, headrest ducts;
4. Door panel: main body, armrest, map pocket, horn cover.
Material requirements for interior parts:
Weather resistance, low organic volatile matter, scratch resistance, decoration, safety: low combustion performance, crushing performance.