Bumper with airbag


At present, foreign countries are developing a car bump […]

At present, foreign countries are developing a car bumper with airbag. In order to reduce this kind of accident to a minimum, the bumper not only plays the role of decorating and beautifying the car, but more importantly, it plays a role of safety protection. It is a passive safety device that protects pedestrians from injury or reduces injuries in an emergency when a car is in a frontal collision.
The device is composed of sensors, air pumps, air bags and other components, and is centrally installed in the bumper. When the pedestrian touches the bumper, the built-in push plate of the bumper quickly falls to prevent the pedestrian from being knocked down under the vehicle. The sensor on the bumper is triggered. The ignition circuit is turned on, flashing sparks, igniting the solid fuel in the gas device in the inflatable pump, the fuel burns to release a large amount of nitrogen, and reaches a high temperature of about 1000 degrees. The clean gas from the rear is quickly filled into the built-in wedge-shaped airbag to open it forward to hold up the pedestrian who was impacted.
At the same time, the wing-shaped airbags on both sides of the bumper are inflated and lifted to both sides to prevent pedestrians from rolling down on the road and control the car to implement emergency braking. It is impossible for people to instinctively protect themselves in a crash. This new type of passive safety device can reduce injuries. Due to the rapid development of the automobile industry, the number of cars is increasing day by day, and accidents are inevitable.