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Auto plastic parts and metal parts

Summary:The bumper is known as the first barrier of passive safety of the car, and it is...
The bumper is known as the first barrier of passive safety of the car, and it is a very important part to protect the safety of the car. Nowadays, the bumpers of many models have changed from metal to plastic. Is it cutting corners? Jiangsu Yongyu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. will tell you about the bumpers.​​
In the early years, the front and rear bumpers of the car were metal products, which were punched into channel steel from steel plates, and then riveted or welded together with the frame rails. This design is sturdy and attractive, and can play a role in protecting the safety of the car, but it contains safety hazards. What are the reasons for using plastic bumpers?
1. Although the bumper can play a certain role in safety protection, the rigidity of the car is mainly determined by the design of the body frame. In other words, the material and thickness of the bumper do not directly determine the safety of the car. What really plays a decisive role is the high-strength steel frame. Therefore, what Yantai auto plastic parts can be sure of is that changing the bumper to plastic does not affect the safety of the car.
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2. Replacing the plastic bumper is also to eliminate potential safety hazards. In the event of a collision with a pedestrian, the hard metal bumper will cause a greater impact on the pedestrian. The plastic bumper has a certain elasticity, which can effectively alleviate the impact force and reduce the impact damage to pedestrians. It is also because of the elastic characteristics of plastic bumpers that relatively speaking, car safety does not drop but rises.​​
3. The use of plastic bumpers is also conducive to reducing the cost of the whole vehicle, which makes the price of the car more affordable to the people. In addition, it is also very beneficial to the car owner to replace it with a plastic foam bumper. Metal bumpers get scratched and paint off, and you have to spend money to repair them. And the plastic bumper is scratched, as long as it is not too ugly, it doesn't matter if it is left all the time. Overall, plastic bumpers have low maintenance costs in the later period.​​
So replacing the bumper with plastic foam is not cutting corners, but a safety feature.